Choose your Physical Therapist

Choose your Physical Therapist

Lockdown has made it all a bit interesting hasn’t it…  so we can only do medically necessary treatments for mobility and pain relief at this time. But this too shall pass and normality will reign again, though I’m wondering how much of the old normality we could slew off and not notice.  It’s actually been quite nice not having so many cars about, and you can hear the birds singing their little hearts out in the mornings and no trails in the sky, everything is clear and, well I was going to say bright but its decidedly grey out there atm, cold, its cold outside maybe it’s going to snow, that would be fun.

So how do you choose massage? Or any other body treatment of your choice for that matter.  Qualifications, Skill set, how much time they spend researching, learning new skills, adding to their knowledge base? Are they a member of a professional body?  All of that matters, quite a lot, having people skills does too. Someone said to me, there’s over 40 physical therapists in town, why would people choose one over another if the qualifications are the same? To be honest at that point it’s not just the skill set of the therapist it’s also the personality.  You could be the best therapist in the world, but… if your personalities clash it really doesn’t matter.  If the person you are working on really doesn’t feel comfortable with you (or vice a versa) then they won’t come back.  They may still recommend you as they valued your skill set, but it’s doubtful they would return.

When you go for a massage you are often at your most vulnerable, in pain half clothed and just wanting to feel comfortable. It’s important that you have a good, relaxed relationship with your therapist, half the battle is already done if you can relax and let us do our work, feeding back information on where and how the pain moves as a treatment progresses and working with the therapist is the other half. It means we can do our job just that bit better.

So once we get back to normal make massage part of your routine, it will go a long way to keeping you healthy, generally, not just for muscular pain, gives you a boost, helps with immunity and sleep issues and keeps you pain free. Unless you do something daft of course, sliding down a hill on a tea tray in the snow and doing yourself a mischief is not something a massage can stop you doing . 🙂 SF