The Ramblings of a middle aged therapist…

The Ramblings of a middle aged therapist…

New Year, new me… not much of that happening this year with all that’s gone on! 2020 definitely won’t be forgotten in a hurry will it. What we have noticed is that we are still being asked ‘so have you weighed yourself?’, ‘What diet are you going on?’ ‘What’s your new exercise regime?’  Most of these comments come from a place of caring, but really do we need this right now?  If you are struggling with your weight or your fitness and you want to go ahead and do these things, you will. If you are struggling full stop, you won’t. And far from being an encouragement a lot of these comments can be triggering and have totally the opposite effect.

Endless Night

A new you can simply be one who accepts that there are things about you that you would like to change; accept that, process it and ponder how you might make some small changes that could help you. 1 less sugar in your tea, going upstairs to the loo instead of using the downstairs one, walking to the shop instead of using the car (obviously not if it’s a weekly shop J  )  think about dietary changes that you’ve been meaning to do, eating less meat, cutting dairy out, checking in with the Dr to see if you are really gluten intolerant or if it’s something else.

But, and it’s a big but, do it from a place of love and not hate. Exercise is not a punishment for eating the wrong food. Starving yourself won’t make you want to eat healthier.

Make small changes and the bigger ones will come easier, do it at your own pace and be proud of all your achievements.  And for every takeaway coffee you didn’t have or sticky bun… you could chuck the money in a pot and have a massage 🙂 SF